Flatware Plating Prices



Silver plating and repair prices listed are based on average size pieces for the listed item and may be subject to change. For resilvering and replating of items not listed please contact us.   We do not re-plate jewelry. The normal turn-around time for plating is 6 to 8 weeks.

Flatware Replating

Berry Spoon  (8" long)

$ 85

Cold Meat Fork


Gravy Ladles (8" long)


Ladle Soup


Pickle Fork


Pie or Cake Knife


Butter Knife


Table Spoon


Knives, Forks & Teaspoons


Punch Ladle


Carving Knife or Fork


Large Serving Pieces


Flatware Repair

General Repair


Reset Blades


Re-solder Blades



Flatware Polishing


Restore luster and remove minor scratches per piece


Serving Pieces



 silverflatware set






Holloware Pricing