Silver Repair Cost


    The silver repair price list will provide the average cost to repair certain damage without being misleading. Usually the damage we repair varies in degree from piece to piece. Our silver repair prices are based mostly on the time necessary to achieve a quality result. The silver repair prices may change based on the actual condition of the item. If the price exceeds those shown more than 15% we will contact you for approval prior to doing the repairs.

Our silver repair charges include polishing the area of repair only prior to returning it to you. Most companies have a repair charge and then add a mandatory polishing charge, up to 50% of their re-plating cost of the piece to the final cost to polish the entire piece. In some case you may not want the entire piece high polished as it may not match the rest of your set. Their repair charge may be less than ours but the final cost may be much greater. We give you a choice to have the entire piece polished or not. If you choose to have the entire piece polished, which is recommended, our finial cost will still probably be less. The cost for professional polishing the entire piece, if requested, is an additional charge of 22% of the cost to replate. See plating prices. For example you have a handle soldered to a creamer. The cost to repair with minor clean-up is $40.00 and $60.14 if the entire piece is professionally polished to restore its beauty.

ITEM   Average Cost disposal damaged silver spoon
Repair a Break or Detached Part  Average Cost   $50 - $85
Disposal Damage  Sterling Flatware   $30 - $60
Polishing Flatware Sterling   $4.00
Polishing Flatware Sterling Serving Pieces   $8.00
Polishing Flatware Plated   $4.25
Candle Holder Head Dents per head   $35 - $75
Base Dents Resin filled   $40 - $75
Base Dents  Cement or plaster filled   $70 - $110
Bud Vase Dents   $35 - $75
Drip Cup Dents or  Removable Insert Dents   $25 - $60
Compote Dents   $35 - $85
Repair Broken Stem from Base   $50 - $95 repaired silver spoon
Repair Broken Head from Candle Arm or Stem   $50 - $95
Resolder Broken Leg   $35 - $65
Resolder Detached Handle to Sugar or Creamer   $45
Resolder Detached Handle to Tea or Coffee pot   $75
Align Candle Arms, Heads or Leaning Steam   $25 - $60
Remove Engraving Flatware (sterling only)   $15 - $55
Removing Engraving  Cups, Tea, ect. (sterling only)   $25 - $?
Replace Knife Blades with Stainless Blades   $85
Resolder Knob or Finial   $35
Resolder Handle to Tray   $50
Resolder Hinge One Break - Two Breaks   $35 - $55
Remove Dents from Teapot, Tumblers, others   $25 - $95  
Replace Comb (imitation tortoise shell)   $45  
Replace Hand Mirror   $225  
Replace Plateau Mirror   $325      

If your problem is not listed we request  that you email us at with a description of the damage and attached a reasonable photos of the effect area.

Please review the "Contact Us" page for more information on estimates.